Thanks Mucho (a Christian Website) - II Cor. 5:21

About Me
(Your Humble Webmaster)

1.   I once ran for public office. My opponent got 56 votes; I got 44. My campaign budget was $1,100.00 (which works out to $25.00 per vote).

2.   I have had formal training in tae kwon do and aikido.

3.   I lived in Iran for 18 months.

4.   I enrolled in a seminary, and was a full-time student, for exactly two weeks. I was 20 years old.

5.   I once boxed in a regulation boxing ring in front of 2,000 people.   I floated like a butterfly; apparently I also stung like a butterfly.

6.   I once owned a 1980 Ford Pinto.

7.   The first president I ever voted for was Ronald Reagan.

8.   I have read all seven books in the Chronicles of Narnia series.

9.   I am the webmaster of three websites (including this one).

10.   I once filed a lawsuit against the United States of America.

11.   I once crossed the border between Turkey and Iran on foot (at a town called Yoksekova. You can look it up).   The customs officer went through my suitcase, and squeezed out my toothpaste to make sure there weren't any drugs hidden in the tube.

12.   In 1977, I was held up at gunpoint.   It was 4:00 am.   I didn't give him the money; he turned and walked away.   I later found out that the gunman's name was Preston Lampkin (if you see him, tell him I said hello).

13.   When I was five years old, I could read the editorial page of the Houston Chronicle out loud (I had trouble pronouncing "Eisenhower").

14.   I once spent four hours arguing Biblical doctrine with a Church of Christ pastor.   I was 19 years old.   I'm pretty sure I won the argument.   I am absolutely sure I knew the Bible better than he did.

15.   I can sneeze with my eyes open.

16.   In 1975 in Kerman, California, I helped give a goat an enema.   It was not a pleasant experience (for me or the goat).   The goat resisted.

17.   I have been bitten by
      a rabbit.
      a rat.
      a beagle dog.
     several cats.   At different times - not all together.

     [The enema goat (see #16 supra) did not bite me]

18.   I have competed in NRA-sanctioned outdoor pistol matches.   I once made a bullseye at 50 yards with a customized Colt .45 automatic (firing one-handed).

19.   When I was in the seventh grade, I started a fire in the wastepaper basket in the boy's room.   I was never caught.

20.   I have never smoked marijuana.

21.   I have found typographical errors in printed Bibles (twice).   I also found a typographical error in a book entitled Accuracy in Bible Translation.   I wrote to the publisher; when they wrote back to acknowledge the error, the letter had a typo   -   they misspelled the word "assistance."

22.   When I was 15 years old, I was part of a live manger scene in the front lawn of my church.   I was a shepherd.   I wore a bathrobe, and draped a towel over my head.   I did not have a beard.

23.   When I was 15 years old, I was kicked out of youth choir at my church because I brought a straight razor to choir practice.

24.   I once built a remote-controlled flying witch.   There's a video of it here.

Books I have read