Thanks Mucho (a Christian Website) - II Cor. 5:21

An Angel at Christmas

I'm happy to have been chosen to be here tonight, telling these shepherds of their soon-coming king.   I know that when they look at me, they're really amazed; they've never seen an angel before.

But tonight I saw something really amazing.

I thought I'd seen love in all God's creation, in his mighty works.   But I saw true love today ... perfect love.   I saw my king, the king above all high kings, remove his crown for love ... take off his robe, remove his shoes, and leave his kingdom to find his bride.

In all his heavenly wisdom, he sees her beauty; I see only the humiliation he must suffer.   The very day of his coming and they don't have room for him.   And as he sees ahead, he sees his death   —   in blackness removing himself from all touch of heaven.   He will remove himself from the reach of my help and, finally, from his Father's help.   Even now he sees the spitting and cursing.   And further ahead, and even more painful, in years when men have grown more tender, he sees them pass him by without a second glance.

And   —   finally   —   he sees their total rejection.

It's not just tonight   —  

  they never will make room for him.

He sees all this as he lays his crown at his Father's feet.

But somewhere down there in their very midst, he sees her, and his love for his bride makes everything worthwhile.

        If that's not love . . .