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Jack T. Chick Tracts

You've probably seen them before.   The little comic book tracts ... they measure 2-7/8"x5" and have 24 unnumbered pages.

They are the brainchild of Jack T. Chick, World War II veteran and founder of Chick Publications.   He's the most widely-published author in the world.   His current (October 2016) catalog lists 141 English-language tract titles.   Another 129 titles have been permanently retired over the years, or are available only by special order in quantities of 10,000 or more.   And that list doesn't include his full-size comics.   More than ONE BILLION copies of his works have been printed in over 100 languages.

You can order Chick tracts directly from his website.   He'll sell you any quantity you want.   If you want only one, it's sixteen cents plus postage.

Or you can order an assortment   —   all of the English-language tracts that are currently in print   —   for $23.95 plus postage.

In his tracts, he comes down hard on homosexuality, witchcraft (the occult), Communism, the Catholic church, abortion, Mormons, Islam, Freemasonry, the theory of evolution, pedophilia, pride, the New Age movement, Jesuits, lukewarm Christians, and liberal preachers.

Some of the "permanently retired" tracts are quite rare, and sell for hundreds of dollars.   I myself am a collector; I have most of the English-language titles.

One very rare Chick tract recently sold at auction for $500.00.   If you have the Negro version of "A Demon's Nightmare," I'll give you $500.00 for it.

In April 2014, a first printing of "The Poor Little Witch" sold on ebay for $81.00.

Some tracts have been re-issued with new titles.   For example, "Support Your Local Jew" later became "Love the Jewish People."   Some of the tracts listed at the bottom of this page are nothing more than promotional tracts   —   their "message" is that you should buy Chick tracts!   Some tracts are stories from the Bible.

Some recurring themes/motifs in the tract stories are:

(a) somebody yelling "YAAAAAAH!"

(b) somebody yelling "NOOOOOOOOO!"

(c) somebody in anguish (or angry), with droplets of sweat spewing outward from his head (one tract ["The Wall," 2005] shows a man wearing a crash helmet, yet sweat is spritzing sideways from his head);

(d) somebody gasping ["GASP!"];

(e) a faceless god sitting (in judgment) on a throne;

(f) a naked person being thrown into a lake of fire by an angel;

(g) demons (or Satan himself) complete with horns and/or a little tail;

(h) "encrypted" profanity ("@#!!&");

(i) somebody laughing roughly, with a hearty "HAW HAW HAW!"

And there's a bent-eared dog named "Fang" who appears, in one form or another, in 25% of the tracts.   "Fang" showed up in the very first Chick tract ever printed.

Any character in a Chick tract who smokes is a bad guy.   The Christian character NEVER smokes.   And any woman who wears pants is a bad person.

Chick has been publishing these comic-strip booklets since 1961.   His very first tract was "Why No Revival?" in a large, booklet size (about 5"x7").   It was followed by "A Demon's Nightmare."   His third tract, which originated in 1964, is the well-known "This Was Your Life!" which is the best-selling Chick tract of all time.   Some tracts have been updated over the years ("Is There Another Christ?" which was "retired" in 1992, was re-introduced in 2009; the "updated" version includes a quote from George W. Bush).   One tract from 1970 (now retired) predicted a Communist takeover of America in 1973 ("Operation Somebody Cares").

The little Chick tracts have been compared to pornography: You get broad characterizations (or archetypes, or even stereotypes); you get character interaction which hits fairly predictable points along an assigned/expected spectrum; and you get some version of the climactic outcome you were expecting when you first started reading.

Everything is either black or white; there are no gray areas in a Jack T. Chick tract.

I have compiled a treasury of actual quotations from Chick tracts HERE.

Below is a list of English-language Chick tracts, including the ones that are no longer in print (and including the titles that are re-titled versions of other tracts).   Those shown in boldface below are the ones I don't have. Please check your attic and closets, and send me an email if you find one.

Jack T. Chick is no longer with us.   He died on October 23, 2016 at the age of 92.

Accident, The
Allah Had No Son
And It Was Good!
Apes, Lies, and Ms. Henn
Are Roman Catholics Christians?
Assignment, The
Attack, The
Awful Truth, The
Baby Talk
Back From the Dead?
Bad Bob!
Beast, The
Bed Time
Best Friend
Big Daddy?
Big Deal, The
Big Spender, The
Birds and the Bees
Born Wild!
Brat, The
Bull, The
Bully, The
Burn Baby Burn
Camel's in the Tent
Chaplain, The
Charlie's Ants
Choice, The
Contract, The!
Crazy Wolf
Creator or Liar?
Crisis, The
Curse of Baphomet, The
Dark Dungeons
Death Cookie, The
Deceived, The
Demon's Nightmare, A
Devil's Night, The
Dirty Diamond, The
Don't Read That Book
Doom Town
Dreamer, The
Empty Tomb, The
Escape, The
Evil Eyes
Execution, The
Fairy Tales
Fat Cats
Fatal Decision
Fire Starter?
First Bite
First Jaws, The
Flight 144
Fool, The
Four Angels
Four Brothers
Free at Last
Gay Blade, The
Global Warming?
God With Us
Going Down?
Going Home
Going to the Dogs
Gomez is Coming
Good Ol' Boys
Great Escape, The
Great One, The
Greatest Insult, The
Greatest Story Ever Told, The
Gun Slinger
Happy Halloween
Happy Hour
Hard Times
He Never Told Us!
Heart Trouble?
Here Comes the Judge!
Here He Comes!
Here, Kitty Kitty!
Hi There!
Hit Parade, The
Hit, The
Holy Joe
Holy Night
Home Alone?
How to Get Rich (And Keep It)
Hunter, The
In the Beginning
Is Allah Like You?
Is There Another Christ?
It's a Deal
It's All About You!
It's Not Your Fault
It's Coming!
It's the Law
It's Your Life!
Ivan the Terrible
Just One More
Killer Storm, The
Kings of the East
Kura's Ants
Kiss India Goodbye
Kiss the Protestants Goodbye
Last Generation, The
Last Judge, The
Last Missionary, The
Last Rites
Letter, The
Let's Fly Away!
Li'l Susy
Little Bride, The
Little Ghost, The
Little Princess, The
Little Sneak, The
Long Trip, The
Loser, The
Losing the Old Zippp?
Lost Continent, The
Love Story, A
Love the Jewish People
Love That Money!
Mad Machine, The
Mama's Girls
Man in Black
Man of the Match
Mary's Kids
Mean Momma
Men of Peace?
Miss Universe
Missing Day, The
Missionaries Are Fools
Monster, The
Moving On Up!
My Name? ... in the Vatican?
Nervous Witch, The
No Fear?
No Liars in Heaven
One Way!
Only Hope, The
Only Way, The
Operation Somebody Cares
Outcast, The
Outsider, The
Party Girl
Passover Plot, The
Peace Maker, The
Pilgrimage, The
Poor Little Lamb
Poor Little Witch, The
Poor Pope, The?
Poor Revolutionist, The
Present, The
Promise, The
Pssssssst! Isn't it Time?
Real Heat
Reverend Wonderful
Room 310
Rotten Rodney
Royal Affair, The
Sacrifice, The
Satan Comes to Salem
Satan's Master
Scam, The
Scoundrel, The
Secret of Prayer, The
Secret Weapon, The
Secret, The
Set Free!
Sin Busters
Sin City
Sissy, The?
Sky Lighter, The
Slugger, The
Some Like It Hot
Somebody Angry?
Somebody Goofed!
Somebody Loves Me
Something in Common?
Soul Sisters
Soul Story
Star, The
Still No Revival?
Story Teller, The
Superstar, The
Support Your Local Jew
Terminator, The?
That Crazy Guy!
That Old Devil
That's Baphomet?
There Go the Dinosaurs!
Thief, The
Thing, The
Things to Come?
This Book Has Been Banned!
This Was Your Life!
Throw Away Kid, The
Tiny Shoes
Traitor, The
Trap, The
Trial, The
Trick, The
True Path, The
Trust Me!
Tycoon, The
Unwelcome Guest, The
Visitors, The
Walking Dead, The
Wall, The
War Zone
Warning, The
What a Shame!
What's Worse?
What's Wrong With This?
What's Your Score?
Where Did They Go?
Where's Rabbi Waxman?
Where's Your Name?
Who Are They Gonna Remember?
Who Cares?
Who is Allah?
Who Loves You?
Who Murdered Clarice?
Who, Me?
Who's Missing?
Who's the Real Hater?
Why is Mary Crying?
Why No Revival?
Wicked Magistrate, The
Word Became Flesh, The
Wounded Children, The
You Are About to See ...
Your Big Moment