Thanks Mucho (a Christian Website) - II Cor. 5:21

It's Friday ... Sunday's Coming!

Anthony Campolo tells the story about a sermon he heard while visiting a church in another town. The sermon went like this:

It's Friday.

Jesus is hangin' on the cross ... dead.


No more.

His EKG is flat.   Blood pressure: zero.

Rigor mortis is settin' in.

Mary is cryin' her eyes out.

The disciples are scattered like sheep without a shepherd.

That's Friday ...

        Sunday's comin'!

It's Friday.

Pilate is washin' his hands.

The Roman soldiers are struttin' around with their spears.

The Pharisees are smilin'. They finally got rid of that troublemaker.

Things are gonna go back to normal now.

He saved others ... he saved others ...

That's Friday ...

        Sunday's comin'!

It's Friday.

The evil in the world,

The forces that lay heavy burdens on men,

That oppress men,

Those forces are in control.

Satan is dancin' his little jig.

That's Friday ...

        Sunday's comin'!