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"Occult Crime"

Investigator Bill Lightfoot of the Richmond, Virginia Bureau of Police, recommends confiscating books on the occult whenever law enforcers find them during investigations (ritual crime in-service seminar, Petersburg, VA, September 13, 1988); other "cult experts" such as Dale Griffis have advised officers to ask public libraries to turn over to police lists of patrons who have borrowed books on the occult.   These self-proclaimed experts take the position that because a person commits a vile crime and identifies himself as a Satanist (or Wiccan), then by extension all Satanists or Wiccans must have condoned the crime; the crime must have been sanctioned by the Satanic/occultic group.   They also assume that the "Satanist" is telling the truth: that he is, in fact, a Satanist (question: What is the difference between an authentic Satanist and a pretender?).   This supposed relationship between the person and the belief, then, justifies police surveillance of occult groups.

They don't follow the same reasoning when professing Christians (that is, people who self-identify as Christians) commit crimes.   Not too long ago, in Richmond, police arrested a man who had murdered his family years before.   He had since been living under a new identity with a new wife.   The fact that the murderer was (apparently) a conservative churchgoing Christian did not lead anyone to label his acts as "Christian crime," but if the man had professed a belief in Satan, cult cops would be quick to label the crime as evidence of cult activity in America.

Not to belabor the point, but a woman named Deanna Laney was convicted of murder in Tyler, Texas back in 2004 (actually, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity). She murdered two of her sons (ages six and eight) by hitting them in the head with a 16-pound rock.   She was and still is a professing Christian, and a member of a Pentecostal church.   She claimed that God told her to kill her children.   Now honestly, would you allow anybody to get away with calling this a "Christian crime?"