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"Are You a Pretty Strong Christian?"

A few years ago, I gave a ride to a stranger. As he settled into the passenger seat of my Ford Pinto, he saw my well-worn Bible sitting on the dashboard. We were a couple of blocks down the road when he asked me,   "So ... are you a pretty strong Christian?"

My first thought was Yes, I am a pretty strong Christian. But then I remembered that I Cor. 10:12 says that we should be careful if we think we stand, lest we fall. I wanted to avoid spiritual pride.

On the other hand, I was pretty sure that this man was unsaved, and that he was asking this question as a prelude to some deeper questions that he had. If I hedged on my answer, he might think that I wasn't the one he should talk to about Jesus. He'd think I was a wishy-washy, not really sincere about my faith.

My answer ended up being: "Well, I like to think so."

That seemed to satisfy him, and we ended up having a nice talk about the Bible. He did have some serious questions that I was able to help him with.

So how would you answer that question?   Are you a pretty strong Christian?